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Community outreach with Spanish Training For Departments

Spanish training for correction officers is well designed

The class is a well designed, clearly laid out and efficient tool to increase my understanding of Spanish.

Stephen, TX

Every police officer should take this Spanish training

Every officer in Texas should take this training. I love it!! I took a Spanish class at the academy but this method is way better for us to absorb the material. I really like the games it gives me a way to see how I am retaining the material. Thank you so much for helping us police officers learn Spanish we need.

Jess, TX

The vocabulary is right on...What is needed on the street

I wish there was a way to test out of this training. I am fluent in Spanish but need it for my accreditation. I do like they way the training is set up and see much benefit for officers that need Spanish on the street. The vocabulary being taught is right on. My only complaint is that I feel it would be nice to find a way to test out of this training.

Jorge, TX

Great Spanish course for Law Enforcement

Great course. Easy to understand and learn.

Imelda, TX

Love thiw format and Law Enforcement Spanish training

LOVE this format and training. I took Spanish in high school and it drove me nuts. But this Spanish training is right up my alley. I am glad I found it. I work as a police office in Glenwood Spring CO and Spanish is needed more every day on our streets. Thank you for creating a training that I could learn from.

Zachary, CO


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