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Spanish Training For Departments

Community outreach with Spanish Training For Departments

Budget Friendly Training

SpanishOnPatrol's priority is to prepare officials to communicate and understand members of the Hispanic culture.

SpanishOnPatrol delivers public safety training that is designed the way you learn best. Our technology and games make learning more effective, more personal and more fun. Our approach dramatically increases officers' ability to retain knowledge and apply Spanish on the job.

SpanishOnPatrol e-training pays off big for departments.

  • The scheduling and implementing is less time-consuming than planning and running day seminars.
  • The training takes place in the convenience of the participant's space, eliminating travel expenses and other expenses associated with seminars.
  • Online training holds participants more accountable than a traditional seminar because attendance, assessment scores, activities, course completions, and participant progress can be monitored and immediately reported online.

Most important, online training allows departments to provide dependable, consistent and high quality training across the department now and into the future.

We offer training for all branches of public safety

Call us today to get started. We only need to know the number of students taking the training. Students self-register into the course making this the easiest training to implement. Call us and we can help your agency build strong ties with the Hispanic community.

Spanish for Police
If you need help, please contact us or call us @ 303-954-4875.