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Texas Commission on Law Enforcement TCOLE

Complete your TCOLE intermediate Spanish requirement with SpanishOnPatrol

(Equivalent to TCOLE course #2109/2110).

How can I complete my TCOLE intermediate Spanish?

  1. Sign up for SpanishOnPatrol
  2. Complete 20 hours online
  3. Pass all unit tests and the final with 70% or better (don't worry, you can re-take a test anytime to improve your score)
  4. Nothing to mail or send in! You will complete everything online
  5. We report to TCOLE promptly

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Bannon & Associates
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)
City of Farmers Branch Police Department
Attention Texas Law Enforcement Academies

Spanish E-training Approved by TCOLE for use in Academies

Our academy course has also been approved by TCOLE. This cutting-edge online Spanish training will prepare your cadets with the tools and skills to communicate and understand the Hispanic population. Contact us for more information.
If you need help, please contact us or call us @ 303-954-4875.