Law Enforcement Spanish

Spanish for Real Life Situations Encountered by Public Safety Personnel

Build Trust

Using Spanish for law enforcement encourages and promotes trust with the Hispanic community which will increase crime reporting.


Knowing Spanish will save thousands of dollars in calls to language line which will provide relief to strained budgets.

Prevent Escalations

Prevent incidents from escalating by comprehending and communicating in Spanish which will create a safer environment.


Emergencies don't wait for a translator

Spanish for Real Life Situations

Break the Communications Barrier

Learn Public Safety Spanish

As the Hispanic population grows experience shows that law enforcement officers, 9-1-1 dispatchers, correction officers, park rangers, firefighters and paramedics who know real life Spanish will build trust within the Hispanic community, save thousands of dollars, and allow officers to do their job without wasting valuable minutes.

Communicate in Spanish

SpanishOnPatrol teaches situational law enforcement Spanish focused on dialects from all regions south of the border.

We have teamed up with dozens of translators ensuring that our Spanish is understood by folks from Mexico, Central and South America, also addressing Spanglish (combination of Spanish and English). Traditional courses focus on one dialect from one region (usually from the teacher's home region).

  • Course Duration

    SpanishOnPatrol is a self-paced Spanish course available 24x7. You can finish the course in a few days or take the entire 6 months to complete. You have 6 months of unlimited access to all course materials. No restrictions.

  • Requirements

    You must score 70% or higher on all tests and complete the required hours (20 hours in most states). Don't worry, you can re-take a test anytime; we only keep the highest score. Everything you need is available online at SpanishOnPatrol. You can even print lessons to study off-line and create your own resource book.

  • Teacher Support

    SpanishOnPatrol instructors are available via email. Any questions will be quickly answered by our professional teaching staff.

  • Cultural Tips

    Every module includes a culture awareness tip to help you understand differences between the cultures.

I recently conducted a DUI investigation with a driver who spoke very little English. I was able to administer the field sobriety tests and ask pertinent questions by using what I've learned from SpanishOnPatrol. Just as importantly, I was able to communicate with the driver after he was taken into custody and tell him about his court appearance and other important information. Thanks for the great curriculum.

Greg, Oregon

I've been studying Spanish for a while on my own. I've tried many different types of study methods. I've had the books, the tapes and tried the internet, but your class is the best I've seen. I can't say enough. The phrases are right on target for what we do on the street. You don't often find "The Alert Words" in a Spanish book. As a police officer, Spanish On Patrol is the best intro class I've been able to find.

Alan, Virginia

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