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Spanish for Law Enforcement

Learn to communicate in Spanish

Using Spanish for law enforcement encourages and promotes trust with the Hispanic community which will increase crime reporting.

Knowing Spanish for 9-1-1 Dispatch will save thousands of dollars in calls to language line which will provide relief to strained budgets.

Prevent incidents from escalating by comprehending and communicating in Spanish which will create a safer environment.


Emergencies don't wait for a translator

Spanish for Real Life Situations

Online Spanish for Police Officers Training

Our highest priority is your safety

Not a day goes by that the media is not criticizing law enforcement for not reacting properly to someone from another culture.

Communicate in Spanish

SpanishOnPatrol teaches situational law enforcement Spanish focused on dialects from all regions south of the border.

We have teamed up with dozens of translators ensuring that our Spanish is understood by folks from Mexico, Central and South America, also addressing Spanglish (combination of Spanish and English). Traditional courses focus on one dialect from one region (usually from the teacher's home region).

  • Certificate

    Self-print Certificate of completion after training is complete. You must score 70% or higher on all tests and complete the required hours (20 hours in most states). Don't worry, re-take a test anytime; we only keep the highest score.

  • Course

    SpanishOnPatrol delivers law enforcement training that is designed the way you learn best. Our technology and games make learning more effective, more personal and more fun. Our approach dramatically increases officers' ability to retain knowledge and apply Spanish on the job.

  • Teacher Support

    SpanishOnPatrol instructors are available via email. Any questions will be quickly answered by our professional teaching staff.

  • Cultural Awareness

    Every module includes a culture awareness tip to help build and increase your cross cultural competence.

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