Online Spanish Training for Basic Police Officers (BPOC)

Online Spanish Training for Basic Police Officers (BPOC)

Is this online Spanish training approved by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE)?

Yes, this online Spanish training is approved by TCOLE and meets the BPOC #1000 requirements. Texas academies report this training to TCOLE just like they report it today.

Texas academies can train their basic peace officers with confidence, consistency and 100% online.

Texas Department of Public Safety Academy (DPS), Texas A&M Engineering Extension academy (TEEX), Cedar and Collin College Law Enforcement Academy are a few of the academies already taking advantage of this online Spanish training in Texas. Contact us for more information.

Why offer this online Spanish course at our academy?

SpanishOnPatrol cutting-edge online Spanish course will prepare basic peace officers to build a strong repertoire of essential Spanish skills to communicate with the growing Spanish-speaking community in the USA.

Is this online Spanish course available in my state?

Yes, our BPOC Spanish is available for all academies across the United States. In the state of Texas, we are TCOLE approved.

Will there be a contract between the department and SpanishOnPatrol?

No contract is required. You can stop this service at any time. There is no minimum or maximum enrollment requirement either. The academy enrolls the number of cadets needed by session.

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How does the academy keep track of the cadets’ progress?

The training administrator will be able to log into our secure administrative center to review the cadets’ progress, view their report cards and all other course information. Student Tracking Service lets you monitor students' progress in real-time!

Will the Spanish course be available when my academy session starts?

This Spanish basic peace officer course can be implemented on any timeline needed. We can tailor the course time specifically to your academy.

What is the duration of the course?

Our standard Spanish Basic Peace Officer Course takes 16 hours to complete. The course length can be tailored to fit your academy requirements.

Is there a certificate of completion?

Yes, once the cadet completes the course they can print out their certificate of completion.

What will cadets gain?

Every cadet will leave the academy with tools and skills to:

  • Conduct accurate field interviews in Spanish to speed up dissemination of information
  • Prevent incidents from escalating by comprehending the victim, suspect or witness
  • Promote trust with the Hispanic community to improve and increase crime reporting presenting a safer community
  • Understand threatening slang to maintain safety and reduce hostile situations
  • Assure and calm the Spanish speaker that the police are here to help
  • Reduce misunderstandings when a Spanish speaker has an emergency
  • Understand cultural differences to reduce conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Eliminate the need to call the language line as often providing relief to strained budgets

What is the cost?

Contact us or call 303-954-4875 to set up your academy Spanish training.

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