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Spanish for 9-1-1 Dispatch
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Unit 1: Spanish foundations for 9-1-1 dispatch

Lesson 1: Basic alphabet


Lesson 2: Pronouns in action


Lesson 4: Forming questions


Lesson 5: Common short phrases I


Lesson 6: Common short phrases II


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 2: Dispatch protocols

Lesson 1: Initial call triage


Lesson 2: Caller id verification


Lesson 3: Determining incident location


Lesson 4: Incident detail collection


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 3: Emergency call handling

Lesson 1: Medical response


Lesson 2: Reporting flames


Lesson 3: Danger situations


Lesson 4: Noise and theft


Lesson 5: Fire emergencies


Lesson 6: Vehicle accidents


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 4: Dispatch communication essentials

Lesson 1: Language assistance


Lesson 2: Offering support


Lesson 3: Greetings and well-being


Lesson 4: Lost caller guidance


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 5: Gathering personal information

Lesson 1: Basic information gathering


Lesson 2: Personal background


Lesson 3: Detailed inquiries


Lesson 4: Physical descriptors


Lesson 5: Documentation and verification


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 8: Responding to emergencies

Lesson 1: Assessing injury


Lesson 2: Medical history inquiry


Lesson 3: Identifying pain I


Lesson 4: Identifying pain II


Lesson 6: Evaluating injuries


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 9: Collecting personal descriptions

Lesson 1: Apparel descriptors


Lesson 2: Detailed attire


Lesson 3: Person description


Lesson 4: Hair and complexion


Lesson 5: Marks and features


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 10: Color recognition and orientation

Lesson 1: Identifying colors


Lesson 2: Color variations


Lesson 3: Navigational terms


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 11: Understanding domestic situations

Lesson 1: Identifying relatives


Lesson 2: Family relations


Lesson 3: Household members


Lesson 4: Assessing injuries


Lesson 5: Scene assessment


Lesson 6: Victim statements


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 12: Describing and contrasting with antonyms

Lesson 1: Basic opposites


Lesson 2: Comparative analysis


Lesson 3: Presence and absence


Lesson 4: Extremes in situations


Lesson 5: Emotional states


Lesson 6: Chronological order


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 13: Assessing injuries

Lesson 1: Aching back, racing heart


Lesson 2: Symptoms speak louder


Lesson 3: Chest pains & critical signs


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 14: Essential anatomy reference for dispatch

Lesson 2: Arms & hands on deck


Lesson 3: Standing support


Lesson 4: Core components


Lesson 6: Skin and beyond


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 15: Emergency kin connections

Lesson 1: Identifying kin


Lesson 2: Clarifying connections


Lesson 3: Kin or next-of-kin?


Lesson 4: Mapping the family tree


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 16: Drug awareness for 9-1-1

Lesson 3: Drug use interrogation


Lesson 4: Identifying suppliers


Lesson 5: Recognizing paraphernalia


Lesson 6: Dealing with addiction


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 17: Comprehending a caller's pain

Lesson 1: Pinpointing pain


Lesson 2: Pain detailing


Lesson 3: Activity analysis


Lesson 4: Pain characterization


Lesson 5: Frequency and intensity?


Lesson 6: Relief assessment


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 18: Obstetric emergency call

Lesson 1: Expecting the unexpected


Lesson 2: Signs & symptoms: pregnancy alerts


Lesson 3: On-the-spot pregnancy confirmation


Lesson 4: Urgent care: pregnancy bleeding


Lesson 5: First-time expectant: preparing for delivery


Unit Review


Unit Test


Unit 19: Decoding criminal behavior

Lesson 1: Offender types


Lesson 2: Criminal actions


Lesson 3: Types of crimes


Lesson 4: Harassment and vandalism


Lesson 5: Threat management


Unit Review


Unit Test


Final Test

911/Dispatch Final


Code Enforcement: Compliance and enforcement

Lesson 1: Municipal code mastery


Lesson 2: Landscape legislation


Lesson 3: Residency regulations


Unit Review


Unit Test


Corrections: Inmate processing

Lesson 2: Inmate orientation


Lesson 3: Fingerprinting


Lesson 5: Property management


Lesson 6: Hygiene protocol


Unit Review


Unit Test


Corrections: Facility protocol

Lesson 1: Visitor guidelines


Lesson 2: Dress code for visitors


Lesson 3: Inmate movement instructions


Unit Review


Unit Test


Corrections: Correctional operations

Lesson 1: Facility structure


Lesson 3: Inmate discharge


Lesson 4: Handling juveniles


Unit Review


Unit Test


Park Rangers: Park conservation

Lesson 1: Wildlife monitoring


Lesson 2: Permit compliance


Lesson 3: Catch and release


Lesson 4: Seasonal regulations


Lesson 5: Gear inspection


Lesson 6: Campsite management


Unit Review


Unit Test


Park Rangers: Nature's echo

Lesson 2: Wilderness dwellers


Lesson 4: Winged wonders & weather changes


Lesson 5: Forecast adventures


Unit Review


Unit Test


Police: Strengthening community ties

Lesson 1: Greetings and basics


Lesson 2: Language bridge


Lesson 3: Addressing concerns


Lesson 4: Community engagement


Unit Review


Unit Test


Police: Tactical Spanish for field operations

Lesson 1: Command essentials


Lesson 2: Navigational commands


Lesson 3: Operational instructions


Lesson 4: Critical orders


Lesson 5: K-9 unit commands


Unit Review


Unit Test


Police: Legal foundations for law enforcement

Lesson 1: Courthouse vocabulary


Lesson 2: Arrest protocols


Lesson 3: Reporting procedures


Lesson 4: Crime analysis


Lesson 5: Interrogation essentials


Lesson 6: Evidence handling


Lesson 7: Crime scene management


Unit Review


Unit Test


Police: Traffic enforcement protocols

Lesson 1: Stop sign and signal violations


Lesson 2: Maneuvering and equipment infractions


Lesson 3: Documentation verification


Lesson 4: Safety compliance


Lesson 5: Driving authorization


Lesson 6: Citation process


Unit Review


Unit Test


Police: High-risk traffic stops

Lesson 1: Ticket resolution


Lesson 2: Initial compliance


Lesson 3: Vehicle exit procedures


Lesson 4: Trunk inspection protocol


Lesson 5: Handling vehicle malfunctions


Unit Review


Unit Test


Police: Traffic safety and compliance

Lesson 1: Child seat safety


Lesson 2: Handling hit and runs


Lesson 3: Transportation types


Lesson 5: Insurance compliance


Unit Review


Unit Test


Police: DUI detection and arrest

Lesson 1: Initial observations


Lesson 2: Driver interview


Lesson 3: Field sobriety tests


Lesson 4: Coordination exercises


Lesson 5: Breathalyzer procedure


Lesson 6: Arrest protocol


Unit Review


Unit Test


Fire/EMS: Rescue responses

Lesson 1: First responder introduction


Lesson 2: Scene management


Lesson 3: Initial greetings


Lesson 4: Clarification requests


Lesson 5: Waiting instructions


Unit Review


Unit Test


Fire/EMS: Emergency assessments

Lesson 1: Rapid assessment


Lesson 2: Breathing check


Lesson 3: Vital signs review


Lesson 4: Medication inventory


Lesson 5: Patient history


Unit Review


Unit Test


Fire/EMS: Collecting personal information

Lesson 1: Identifying the individual


Lesson 2: Calming the scene


Lesson 3: Personal details


Lesson 4: Health and safety inquiry


Lesson 5: Location verification


Unit Review


Unit Test


Fire/EMS: Emergency scenes unfold

Lesson 1: Roadside response


Lesson 2: Identifying the driver


Lesson 3: Treating thermal trauma


Lesson 4: Insect and animal encounters


Unit Review


Unit Test


Fire/EMS: Emergency transports 101

Lesson 1: Gear up for the ride


Lesson 2: Hospital bound: making the choice


Lesson 3: Immediate departure required


Lesson 4: Prep for departure: are you set?


Lesson 5: Vital checks on the go


Unit Review


Unit Test


Fire/EMS: Blaze control operations

Lesson 1: Hazard evaluation


Lesson 2: Perimeter control


Lesson 3: Safety barrier setup


Lesson 4: Eyewitness survey


Lesson 5: Home fire tactic plan


Lesson 6: Building intervention plan


Lesson 7: Civic area evac procedure


Unit Review


Unit Test


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