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Best Spanish course for Law Enforcement

I believe this is the best Spanish course I have taken. Lots of information for multiple situations and especially the Alert Words! I am fluent in Spanish but there is a different type of Spanish slang or meanings in various Latin American countries, Spain, Cuban, Caribbean, and other countries. I took this as a refresher and to see how this was compared to a another one I took a few years back. I enjoyed all the exercises, vocabulary, and the extra sections like Miranda, and the cussing / alert word section. I have co-coworkers who took this and they may not remembered everything, but they remembered the alert words and other important words or phrases.


Great Law Enforcement Spanish Course

Great law enforcement Spanish course with good learning objectives.


Great Law Enforcement Spanish training

This training is great and it explains the language very well.


The Spanish training for police

Great Spanish training. Everyone should take it.

Franklin, TX

Best Spanish training for law enforcement

I enjoyed the numerous phrases given. I like the option to repeat the words whenever I want. This helped me say the words or phrases over and over again.

Ben, TX

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