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Community outreach with Spanish Training For Departments

Spanish Training for Public Safety

The course is amazing. It touches bases on all details needed within dispatch for police, and or a sick patient that may call in for emergency assistance. I recommend this class to all medical personnel, fire/ems, and police officers.

Shaleitha, Houston TX

Spanish for EMT

I needed Spanish for my EMT job and I decided to give this training a try. I highly recommend this training to anyone looking to build Spanish skills used on the streets in my job. Thank you SOP.

Matthew, CO

Spanish training that prepared me to communicate in Spanish

Yesterday I stopped someone for running a stop sign and they only spoke Spanish. As a police officer, I was prepared to have a conversation with them and do my job in Spanish. I never thought I was going to be able to speak Spanish the way I did yesterday. I am so happy my Lt. signed me up for this online Spanish training.

Jay, AR

Spanish training - Balanced between vocabulary and listening

I love the course. Is easy to understand and to follow. I like the review sessions. Well balanced between vocabulary and listening sections. I found it important to learn the alert words.


Affortable online Spanish training for police, 9-1-1- dispatch and more

I liked this course very much. I was able to refresh my memory on many of words in each lesson. I lost so much of my vocabulary over the past several years. Seeing and spelling the words during the word games was easy for me. Hearing the words being spoken was a huge help but I am more of a visual learner. Picturing the words when they were spoken is how I retained the information from the lesson. Having the games incorporated into the lesson is a great way to keep things interesting. Thank you for putting together a really great online course! I will recommend you to my co workers and friends that work in the POLICE, FIRE and EMS field! I think the price for the course is very reasonable as well!

Beckie, San Antonio TX


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