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This Spanish for telecommunicators taught me the corret vocabulary I needed for my job

Oh boy! can I say I love this course. I took Spanish in middle school and high school but Spanish for telecommunicators definitely has taught me the most. I have used it in a few calls and it has gone great. I did not need to call the translating line which I was surprised. One call was an old lady lost, I got her help and got her home. The other was a true emergency and I got the proper response to the call. I am so excited I found this class.

Kayla, GA

SpanishOnPatrol's games help me better retain the information

I would give the course a 9. I like that the words we learn in early lessons come back towards the end in the sentence structure or just as a refresher where the alert words would be. The choice of activities is also nice because it helps you learn in different ways. In the beginning, hangman was my go to but now with sentence structure coming into play hangman and the matching game helps me better retain the information.

Dana, AR

Love the Spanish for Firefighters

I loved the training for firefighters. It was extremely useful. I always want to make sure everyone is out of a building, this helps me make sure people that speak Spanish here my call also. Especially kids they sometimes do not respond when spoken in English but they do when I use the vocabulary your course taught me. Thank you for developing a course for us.

Anthony, CA

Spanish for 9-1-1 dispatch was very helpful and really learned a lot

The course was very helpful and I really learned a lot!

Kerry, Canyon TX

Spanish for Law Enforcement was structured very well and easy to follow.

Course was structured very well and easy to follow. Tests were hard to take at work because of the listening sections, but otherwise not an issue.

Christopher, Bryan TX


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